Soft start 32A

This SOFT START is with LCD volt+amper+watt meter for actually overview.

The circuit is mainly used to suppress current peaks when switching on the appliance, which has a low input resistance after connecting the 24-265V AC/32A max network, which causes the circuit breaker to disconnect or break the fuse, e.g. for transformers, in a switch-mode power supply,  in an industrial inverter, high peak to charge a smoothing capacitor, AC-DC power module, inductive (pumps, compressors, single-phase motors-may have a smooth start effect, but depending on its load, it may not be visible. Caution does not replace the frequency converter!) and resistive load.
The principle is that the thermistors NTC-Inrush Current Limiting, are connected in parallel to the output = loads, which suppress overcurrent at switch-on, which themselves reduce their internal resistance after two seconds.
Soft has 8xNTC and their resistance is 4 Ohm.
After connection, the green LED3 turns on = 5V is ok. After 2 seconds, the yellow LED2 = zero-switched triac is connected to the NTC output and after a set time of 2s-5s with the R15 trimmer, the relay that switches on NTC = full power is switched on. (this will prevent unnecessary overheating of the NTC)
When setting in practice, it is necessary to first set the min / max time.
Soft start in BOX has IP65. Size: 6,5 x 5 x 3 inch or 16 x 13 x 7,5 cm
Service and repair is possible directly with me as in the manufacturer. Burned pcb or mechanically damaged pcb is no longer repaired.
CAUTION for soft start connection! It connects between the switch and the appliance!
Warning: The product is galvanically connected to a AC power supply!
Code Code: 81
Category: SOFT START
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