Soft start 6,3A.

Small soft start for simple applications.


The circuit mainly serves for current spikes suppression when an appliance is switched on. The circuit has a low input  resistance after connecting  across the line of 0-250V  AC, which causes the circuit breaker disconnection, e.g. on toroidal transformers, power amplifiers, motors etc...Higher input resistance secures that internal resistance of termistor is lowered  after about 2 seconds  to 0,1R. Varistor functions as an over-aged voltage protection of the appliance. T6,3A fuse protects the circuit against the current loading. The circuit is also suitable for power, halogen lamps etc...

Parameters: Uin 0-250V AC, Imax 10A. Pmax 1400W. Fuse on board: T6,3A. Protection: VDR 275V AC, Thermistor: 5Ohm/10A.
Size: 56,8 x 31,2 x 28mm.Cu on board: 105um.

Code Code: 004
Category: Products
Warranty: 2 years
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